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10+ years of Experience

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Are you serious about optimal performance on the field and off?

Dr. Clark has an extensive background in baseball, football, and olympic weightlifting. A native of Cleveland, Tn; Clark was a local standout in baseball, he batted over .415 as a sophomore in high school.

He also played football in high school, his first love. He committed early to Steve Spurrier and the South Carolina Gamecocks. Ranked 4th in the country by ESPN as a fullback- he played football at both the University of South Carolina as well as Wofford College.

He helped Wofford College win a Div. 1-AA Southern conference championship in 2010. Dr. Clark decided to move on to medical school after the NFL lockout in 2011, which led him to Arizona. Dr. Clark competed at local weightlifting meet as a 105 kg in February 2015 where he won first place.

Dr. Clark is a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor currently practicing in Arizona.

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