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Leverage your body’s natural healing to improve function, relieve pain, and enhance athletic performance.


PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) injections are an amazing surgical alternative that uses your body’s own natural healing mechanism to restore function and reduce your pain.


Bloodwork testing has come a long way recently and is an amazing medical tool to see A LOT of what is going on inside the body at a given time.


Our peptides are pharmaceutical prescription preparations and stringently quality controlled.


Dr. Clark will determine during your visit whether you would benefit from medical marijuana and meet the criteria for a certification.

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10+ years of experience

About Dr. Clark Gaston

I am a Regenerative Injection Specialist that works with patients that are serious about optimizing their health from the inside out as naturally as possible. We do not accept insurance because it’s nearly impossible to achieve the aforementioned with our current healthcare and insurance model.
Strength Doctor provides gold standard regenerative care at very competitive rates. If you are not serious about improving your health naturally please do not call us but instead follow up with your conventional primary care doctor. If you are, we are very happy to welcome you to our thriving Strength Doctor patient population.