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Discover Your Health's Full Picture with Comprehensive Bloodwork

Get a deeper understanding of your health with comprehensive bloodwork testing at Strength Doctor in Tempe, AZ. Our detailed analysis helps tailor a health strategy that’s perfect for your unique needs.

In Tempe, AZ, bloodwork testing is a critical healthcare service that provides individuals with valuable insights into their health and bodily functions. This service is available through various medical facilities, including specialized clinics like Strength Doctor. Bloodwork tests can evaluate a wide range of health metrics such as cholesterol levels, blood sugar, hormone levels, and indicators of liver and kidney function, among others.

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Achieve Peak Health with Personalized Nutritional Insights

These tests are essential for diagnosing diseases, monitoring the effectiveness of treatments, assessing nutritional deficiencies, and supporting overall health management. In Tempe, residents can access these services to proactively manage their health, make informed decisions about their lifestyle, and seek tailored medical advice based on the results. Whether for routine health screenings or targeted diagnostic purposes, bloodwork testing in Tempe is a foundational tool for maintaining optimal health.

Identify nutritional deficiencies and get personalized dietary recommendations based on your bloodwork at Strength Doctor. Let our team in Tempe, AZ, help you achieve peak physical health with tailored nutritional advice.

Get Tailored Health Strategies with Precision Bloodwork Testing

Bloodwork testing offered by Strength Doctor in Tempe, AZ, provides numerous benefits for individuals seeking to optimize their health and wellbeing. Here are some of the key advantages:

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Bloodwork Testing Frequently Asked Questions

Our Core Panel is designed to provide a comprehensive look at your health. It includes routine annual labs like CBC, CMP, Lipids, Blood Sugar parameters, Hormones/Thyroid levels, plus additional tests for micronutrient levels and food sensitivities. These tests help us see a complete picture of what's happening inside your body and tailor our treatment plans to your specific needs. Interested in a thorough health assessment? Contact Strength Doctor to schedule your Core Panel bloodwork test.

At Strength Doctor, we analyze your bloodwork more intricately than most providers. Our treatment plans are based on removing any elements that could be hindering your health and then strengthening your foundation naturally. We add pharmaceuticals only as needed for additional optimization, ensuring that your health foundation is solid first. Ready for a comprehensive approach to your health? Contact us for a consultation to start your personalized treatment plan.

After you order your blood testing kit, you'll take it to your nearest blood draw facility. For Arizona patients, please come food fasted but well hydrated. Our service includes an initial consultation, the draw fee, and a follow-up phone consultation to discuss your results and next steps. Need to schedule your bloodwork? Email us at after purchasing your kit, and we'll guide you through the process.

Our pricing is all-inclusive with cash pay options. For new consultations, including the Core Panel and follow-ups, the cost is $700. If further testing is recommended by Dr. Clark, a re-draw follow-up is available at around 2.5 months for $370, and annual labs thereafter are $370. Interested in understanding more about our pricing and services? Contact Strength Doctor for detailed information and to schedule your consultation.

Yes, you can! Dr. Clark offers online consultations, diet advice, and supplement guidance across the United States. Pharmaceuticals are available only for Arizona patients. After placing your order for a blood testing kit, we can ship it to you, and you can access our telehealth services from anywhere. Out of state but interested in our services? Contact Strength Doctor to find out how we can assist you remotely.

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Bloodwork testing has come a long way recently and is an amazing medical tool to see A LOT of what is going on inside the body at a given time. We look at your bloodwork more intricately than most all other providers. We highly recommend doing our initial Core panel that includes regular annual labs (CBC, CMP, Lipids, Blood Sugar parameters, & Hormones/Thyroid), as well as micronutrient levels and food sensitivities that could be significantly impacting your health. Treatment plans are based off removing anything that could be hindering your health and then building you up as naturally as possible to make your foundation as strong as can be without drugs and surgery. Pharmaceuticals are then added as a supplement* to an already strengthening foundation for any extra optimization needed. Treatment plans include diet guidelines, a pharmaceutical grade vitamin formulation to be taken daily (from bloodwork deficiencies), herbals (when needed), and pharmaceuticals – peptides and hormone replacement (when needed). We prioritize foundational health first!

Work with Dr. Clark online anywhere in the United States (diet advice and supplements available anywhere you are, pharmaceuticals available for Arizona patients only) after you place your order by clicking on the link below. We will ship you a blood testing kit you can take to your nearest blood draw facility. We will help you with the entire process once you complete your order.

Our pricing includes your initial consultation, draw fee, and the follow up phone consultation. We do not accept insurance for bloodwork. AZ patients, make sure to come into the office food fasted (for 12 hours) but well hydrated with water for your appointment.

Male/ Female Core Hormone and Health Initial Consultation, follow up phone consult, and Labs all inclusive (Annuals, Blood sugar, Lipids, Hormones, Micronutrients, and Food Sensitivities) – $700

Re-draw follow up for anything Dr. Clark recommends and consult- a redraw for select labs of focus to dial in levels at around month 2.5 (discounted re-draw rate at this time period when you schedule before 90 days-$200 includes follow up phone consultation), and annual labs at month 12 thereafter are $350.

Email us at to schedule your blood draw and telehealth consultation after you purchase your blood testing kit package.


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